Getting Started

Valley Marketing is currently run as a home based business in Quispamsis, however, our work is primarily in the port city of Saint John, New Brunswick. We love our city and the valley. It’s full of blue collar hard working people that value authenticity and relationships. Our focus is to help small business owners become more marketable on the web. The first step we take with our clients is typically web design along with any options that fit their business needs. All it takes is one email or phone call to set up an initial consult that is free of charge.

Then what?

It’s not all about just having a website created. Customers are not going to start piling through your doors by just having a website. You need a strategy and chose how you want to market people to your website and to your business. Many companies view their website as a welcoming door to their business. Once you get them there, you give the potential customer your best. The first impression is often the difference between a sale or not.

I don’t have enough money!

If you don’t value your brand and take your business seriously, you will eventually plateau. There will be no more room for growth simply because you are not investing in your own business. Making your business run as efficiently as possible is a big part of what we do. We don’t oversell or undersell any client, we cater to each individually and give honest advice to help your business grow. It takes an investment on any level, and if you’re ready to make the leap, we can help make it happen.



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