When Should I Take the Leap?

Small businesses typically struggle with success. Sounds weird, but it’s true. Once a steady stream of business starts coming into a growing business the person running the show typically starts managing others and their business than actually doing the work themselves. It is welcomed by some, and others struggle with having a more hands off approach. The one’s that take growing their business seriously start to develop a marketing strategy for their business when they are at a Y in the road. They either decide to stay small and keep digging into the ground, or they take a step back, get the right help, and continue to grow.

How can you Help me Grow?

We at Valley Marketing are serious about what we do, however, we pride ourselves at being friendly with down to earth honest advice. It’s what us maritimers are known for. We are experts at our craft and we do it with pride. First step, we sit down with you and discuss your business, find out what stage of growth you’re in, and make a plan for getting your company to the next level. We call it a “mini-marketing plan”.

I’m not that Technical, Will Web Marketing Still Work for me?

That is typically why clients come to us. We are the technical experts that provide you with all the tools and show you how to use them. Some like to be more hands on than others and that’s welcomed. We build our website’s for companies to either manage ¬†themselves or to send us updates when needed. ¬†What’s important is that your business showcases how great it is when customers are searching for you online, and that you have the right tools in your hands to make those visitors become customers. Customers are searching for you, and we can help get you front and center.

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