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Web Design

Valley Marketing utilizes responsive web development to create websites that not only attracts new customers, but also built for the future. Each website is optimized for PC, tablet, and mobile use, which means your customers will be able to find you and have a good experience no matter what device they are using.

Keeping design and business principles at the forefront of each project, Valley Marketing moulds the needs of each client into a deep knowledge of how customers can find them online. Starting in 2017, web design packages are only available in our inclusive yearly online marketing packages. We have found from years of experience that there’s a baseline for getting your company on the web and then there’s real success. We decided to raise the bar and start at what we call “The Experience”. It’s our starter E-Marketing package made for businesses who are basically starting off at square 1. Instead of starting you off with a simple web design, we use our business intelligence to ensure a flawless experience for your customers right from the get go. This means high conversion rates right from the start.


What is the best way to leave a great first impression when a potential customer is searching for your business online? Beautiful Imagery.

Whether it’s Valley Marketing capturing photos of your business or if you are in need of stock imagery, it’s important to spend your hard earned money on what works. Having a website is common sense in today’s fast paced market, but having a first impression that represents who you are as a company and leaving a lasting impression is what we’re trained to do.




SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has become a highly sought after commodity. Companies large and small understand how important the first few spots in any particular search term or search phrase is in Google. The earlier you act on your own businesses SEO efforts the better your business will stand a chance in survival once Google makes the Yellow Pages obsolete. Will our kids even know what the Yellow Pages were?

What would happen if your biggest compeitor came to us and started their own SEO strategy? You would be losing customers to them within months as they would look more professional and they would have the best first impression. Why? Because they were easier to find in the place where most people now search for businesses. It’s that simple.

Why not be that competing business and put your company in that great position! We guarantee our SEO results.


Story based business films capture the “why” you do what you do. For businesses who want to showcase authenticity and build long term customers and brand loyalty, look no further. There is no greater WOW factor to a customer than seeing the story behind the business right on the companies homepage.

In sales there’s a clear distinction between the two types of companies selling to them. There’s a large volume discount types that put most products on sale with low margins to get items flying off the shelves. Then there’s the do it right the first time type of company that values time and quality and seeks customers who get why they do what they do.

Can you guess what type fits into the story based film?


It’s temping to utilize a free email address such as or Free always seems like it’s the easiest route for our businesses to save money.

Growing businesses on the other hand understand that customer perception and trust come from how much effort you put into your company and your brand. If you want to be looked at as an industry leader or trustworthy professional, using a free generic email does not give off that impression.

Get your @yourdomain email address set up today and start taking control of your brand and how it’s perceived by customers.

Cloud Services

Having your business run efficiently is most likely your main goal. If it’s not, it probably should be. Maximizing profits from the amount of work you can fit into your employees workday is efficiency for your business. Utilizing cloud services takes time away from paperwork and gives more time for employees to see more clients.

This doesn’t mean there won’t be bumps with the first learning curve, but it does mean you will be more organized, have important documents backed up securely, and able to access information right from your mobile device or tablet. For companies who struggle staying organized, or want to be closer to a paperless innovative company, this option is for you.

If your business needs to be optimized ask us about our cloud services which include email, calendar, documents, storage, and more.

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